VNM Spring 2011 line

  • Craig Robson

    takin over!
  • gaunty

    Probably my fave from the line.
  • atomicchild

    gaunty said:Probably my fave from the line.
  • YemaYema

    yup! agree with Collin! awesome work!
  • RazCity

    I keep thinking "we don't need no stinkin badges" every time i see this.
    Very cool design

  • Edward Teabelly

    awesome derek
  • derekdeal

    thanks a lot guys

    Artbysirb said:Kinda wish there was more to this, but it's still really wearable and fun!

    it actually was missing a couple elements around the type, but i fixed it
  • cityhall

    he's awesome. you should have given him little six shooters to shoot in the air
  • Tee Project

    Awesome tee
  • sockmonkee

    Great stuff
  • jumpy

    this is great amigo!
  • virman

  • Stijn Van Belle

    Congrats with the TOTD, love this shirt!
  • S-CAPS

    Stijn Van Belle said:Congrats with the TOTD, love this shirt!

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