Russian dolls were a great inspiration for me last year. Here's one I did for Deftones.
I think was available while they toured Europe... anyone see it printed?

  • atomicchild

    pretty wicked
  • Brock May

    I thought this was BCHC.
  • gaunty

    This is wearable.
  • DCAY

    gaunty said:This is wearable.

    I bet your boobs would look nice in it ;-)
  • Glenn

    I'm really digging this!
  • justinryan

    diggin it dude. at first, i was thinking it could use some kind of background.. but i think it is tight as is
  • Jason Carne

    This rules.
  • Namsing

  • Sam Kaufman

    Nice man. Client envy
  • DCAY

    Sam Kaufman said:Nice man. Client envy

    Thanks Dude... it took me awhile for it to sink in that I actually had accepted work for them. I go as far back as "Around The Fur" with this band (their best, IMO) ... Love 'em!
  • _starryeyez_

    Sam Kaufman said:Nice man. Client envy

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