collab between me and Recycledwax.
up for voting at threadless

in the dark - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

  • boostr29

  • derekdeal

    the guy with the ghost eyes is my favorite. cute piece
  • Brewer Arts

  • freaktone

    very nice
  • Vedz

    Wotto's pieces look alike, with more shades and depth colors ?
  • boostr29

    I've seen Wotto's work, but Recycledwax has been making these types of characters for the longest time.
  • NVasion

    sweet characters!

    NVasion said:sweet characters!

    +cute characters too :D
  • ExaltedByMark.

    WOAH! Awesome.
  • ThirstyFly

    Really great idea, turned out awesome on purple.
  • mekazoo

    great collab job, looks really cool.
  • elven

    very nice idea
  • cynicdesign

    dude, I missed this one before.
    What an awesome concept + execution

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