Just finished this.

Wanted to step it up, and make a great first post on mintees, and this is what i came up with. And i like it.

Hope you guys will too!

Thanks to Stephen/Cryface for creative aid!:D

Sold to my boys in By The Patient

  • MonkeyMouth

    Deets and alt. colors:

  • domeh

    wohooo,, this is fucking awesome nic, damn you good..
  • sydfly

    great, just it!!
  • 13UG-13th

    Love Ur detail :)
  • OptimisticDesigns

    this is phenomenal.
  • MonkeyMouth

    thanks guys, glad you like it!:)
  • Design by Disorder

    Really good man love that skull
  • Namsing


    Skull moon! I can't believe no one thought of this before. Very cool man.
  • MonkeyMouth

    thanks guys.

    Haha SKUMMIE, im sure so many people have done this before. but i thought it would go nice with the overall theme:)
  • freaktone

  • Beki Sassack

    freaktone said:awesome
  • fathi nu evrsfn

  • d4.

    Design by Disorder said:Really good man love that skull
  • 8-bit ZOMBIE

    Wow, this is awesome!

    Great work Niclas!
  • MonkeyMouth

    thanks freak, beki, fathi, d4 and Ross!

    Oh and Ross...How about that sneak peek?!;)
  • devilreject


    great work, man...
  • Tee Project

    I like it too!
  • Jorge Gutierrez

    just wow :)
  • qetza

    Great illo!
  • Setup85

    MonkeyMouth said:thanks guys.

    Haha SKUMMIE, im sure so many people have done this before. but i thought it would go nice with the overall theme:)

    I did a skull moon one time but it was pretty shitty. This one is pretty cool though!
  • cruise

    nothing short of incredible.
  • MonkeyMouth

    thanks guys!:)
  • Tom Philibeck

    tight as hell
  • Markus

    Please contact me, i want to buy it...
  • cmeyers

    i really like it. i do find it slightly humorous that the bird looks like it is wearing a skull. but i still like it.
  • Alteration

    13UG-13th said:Love Ur detail :)
  • roovie

    hell yes!
  • i came from nothing

  • Travis Cook

    it took me a second to figure out what was coming out of the eye, but I figured it out now. Looks pretty awesome
  • Dr_Worm

    YEES the insects are so good.
  • Killer Napkins

    very nice man!.. great detail!
  • Diagonal yeah!

    amazing detail!!!
  • PitchGrim

    Lookin good
  • MonkeyMouth

    thank you so much guys!:)
  • harcoru

    hey, nice piece, i got to ask you something...it's digital or classic inked?...looks very nice anyway, thanks
  • kakaklung_s16

    very nice!!
  • Luke Tarrant

    loving the crow's skull face
  • Regen

    This is friggin awesome!
  • pistol shrimp

    The texture on the skull moon is phenomenal excellent work.

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