The Cat eats a mouse who ate some Radioactive cheese so now they all glow like crazy.

This design is currently submitted to Threadless-

  • kennybanzai

    Radioactive Treatz - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
  • blood and ink

    cool ! ! :D
  • Butch the Butcher

  • Chreck

    that would be incredible to own
  • BlackCrown

    I would absolutely love to buy this, seriously hope it gets printed.
  • Jman

    haha awesome!
  • deonic

    love it
  • Poltart

    I would buy this right away if it was sold! Great idea!!! :D
  • Sam Montana

    This is incredibly awesome. Good work dude.
  • rasefour

  • DiJay

    The concept and design are awesome ;)
  • vinbasshred

    freakin sweet as idea and execution is top notch!
  • kennybanzai

    thanks everyone!

    It would be awesome if you could give it a vote over at threadless too!!
    Its score has been getting chopped down over there today.
  • Badut Bego

    cool! :0)
  • mamalickabooboo

    good job. bet this sells a lot.
  • BCHC

    Gave it the highest score.
  • InNovember

    Love this! Would definitely buy if its printed.
  • GeLO

  • brandon cahill

    i want this! the uv ink is sick
  • kennybanzai

    THanks duders! Lets hope!
  • Pufahl3

  • Arlingling

  • MySweetChelsea

    where can i buy this? :D
  • Micah

    woah. emptees throwback.
  • Yellowdog

    Love it!
  • sgarland

    One, This is a hilarious idea. And two, have the two different inks glow is an amazing idea! GREAT JOB. If they use it I will be purchasing this for sure!

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