Second design on mintees!
3 colors on black shirt.
Thanks for viewing!

  • stalyn

    you make my knife punctured.
  • Namsing

    i'm big fan love ur work
  • Royal

    always, great texture
  • alamsyah

    whooaa...fremanshory concept..hehehe love it,,realy realy amazing....
  • goregadget

    great texture
  • suburbanhijinx

    WOW! Love it!
  • vinbasshred

    now this is what I'm talkin bout.
  • Darkpane

    this is sick..
  • 13UG-13th

    Love Ur detail :)

  • cumix47

    Royal said:always, great texture
  • streetouts

    Namsing said:i'm big fan love ur work

    Good job dude
  • farazia

    love your works
  • kil0y

    really amazing...
  • bulldog

    hail textures...:)
  • devilreject

    Royal said:always, great texture
  • clownkiller

    great work!
  • sicovercast

    very dig ur style...awesome skill bro :D
  • agung maskund

    Royal said:always, great texture
  • nerdsociety

    damn great
  • weirdmoyo

    you were totally awesome!!
  • godfingersck

    Royal said:always, great texture
  • Rowan

  • RemyC

    Wow thanks a lot guys!
  • RemyC

    Can't edit shirt, but it's sold!
  • Regen

    clownkiller said:great work!
  • Monster Pop

    freakin awesome!!!
  • cmeyers

    as awesome as this is, i just discovered what was bugging me. theres a set of 3 arms that are identical, as well as the 2 arms holding the knives being identical. that's the one thing that bugs me.


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