Artwork is up for sale
One color design, all text can be changed to fit what you need
Shoot me an email if you're interested

Cheers !

  • JakeP

    If this is 100% custom drawn, I think it's awesome. May be your best work yet.
  • stalyn

    this is awesome dude,
    but, i don't like color mock up.
  • Vedz

    Something nice ..

    Thanks guys !
  • tager01

  • Ouchead

    yeah...look beter on gray mock!
  • treycook

    The girl's face looks like a poor flash cartoon. I would suggest practicing drawing faces at different angles as much as possible. Not hating, just a critique! Cheers!
  • treycook

    Apparently we can't edit comments on shirts but... everything else about this looks great!
  • drknoche

    very nice one!

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