My first Mintees post!

I'd like to give huge thanks to Rob Dobi & AKT Enterprises for making such a great new site to post on. You guys are legends.

Here is my latest design for Swedish viking metal legends Amon Amarth. They wanted a Surtur god themed design to coincide with the release of their new album ‘Surtur Rising’. 6 colours on black and a lot of hard work!

  • adamddodson

    Charlie Sheen is no longer winning.
  • Kyle Crawford

    and here we go with the details again. geez
  • S-CAPS

    gefiction said:fantastic
  • skeletorART

  • Sam Montana

    Holy fuck dude. This is way over the top!
  • markusmanson

    Never Fail to impress!
  • bulldog

  • Kyle Crawford

    hereeee we go with the details
  • Kyle Crawford

    dammit i thought my comment was deleted, way to make me look like a jerk wad mintees
  • labyrinth

    Help me said:awesome.....your detail image size is too big,be careful chris...

    Yeah, I'd break the detail up into a few images, you never know who will try to steal your work... Especially since its so awesome.
  • derekdeal

    i really hate saying the word epic so....TREMENDOUS!
  • Andrew Haines

    That water is all around ridiculous. Amazing job Chris
  • ripkill

  • cityhall

    dear lord. this is the best thing ever
  • Ciro

    Amazing Work !!
  • chad manzo

    look at that wave.jeez...unreal
  • skytree

  • LaFlamme

    We can see the " a lot of work" here! Outstanding!
  • Tom Philibeck

  • opin

    d4. said:
    immortalzack said:god damn! so epic!
  • qetza

    Insane dude! The Celtic border is amazing!
  • xjoshuabelangerx

    of course. love the lightning.
  • Beki Sassack

    Awesome always..
  • kayas

    I tell you dude,
    your "detail preview" make someone can rip your awesome art.
    btw, its very nice,
  • devilreject

  • bebeh

    you're the best!
  • godfingersck

    RACIDSQUARE said:superb work !
  • ChrisAnnihilation

  • encourage project

    love it
  • Greenway

    Ultra realism.. ! Hard work makes great result.
  • Christopher Lovell

    Whaoh! That was a surprise! Thanks guys!
  • EmpireDesigns

    6 colors‽ Sweet Jesus that's clean! I tip my hat to you sir!
  • TwinSrpnt

    Sooooo good!
  • smatherton24

    @.@ is the only way to describe this
  • Sol Amstutz

    Great Odin's Raven!!
  • tidyink

  • appergio

    great.... you is maestro.

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