Design done for Wake|Live clothing based on senses.
The brand focuses on non-conventional proactive life where one should really wake up everyday and make a difference.

Thanks for looking.

  • Betraydan

    Tim said:awesome as usual dude. love the softness of the red. maybe I'd work a bit on the type though.

    Thanks man , appreciate the advice.
  • skytree

    this is great
  • Betraydan

    skytree said:this is great

    thanks alot.
  • Craig Robson

    yeah im into this man, very on trend!
  • Betraydan

    Craig Robson said:yeah im into this man, very on trend!

    means alot coming from you. Love your work.

    So into this. Great execution
  • EricAbstruse


    Cool, nice work!
  • Rowan

    Nice one dude.
  • TenTimesKarma

    One of my favorites from you man! keep em' coming!
  • streetouts

    skytree said:this is great
  • Andrew Haines

    This is great!
  • deekin

    very nice!
  • suburbanhijinx

    i love this SO much! Great job!
  • sydfly

  • opydrs

    Very cool.
  • Betraydan

    Thanks everyone.
  • JDennis

    into this.
  • mr.beurthday

    very cool
  • barzaly

    this is awesome!
  • rand_canyon

    Awesome ! Wish I knew how/where to buy it !
  • Betraydan

    rand_canyon said:Awesome ! Wish I knew how/where to buy it !
  • Beadler


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