First post on Mintees! Hope you guys digg.

  • Paul Granese

    Detail shot here:
  • nerdsociety

    nice illo, but dont know bout the bottom part
    i have the same concept like this,
  • Andrew Haines

    I like your city scape bottoms. Keep it up jerk :)
  • MattyVF

    So much love!

    great stuff!
  • lmt337

    Freaky good, my first mintees like.
  • i came from nothing

    nice but odd
  • sonar

    i love everything in this except for the rectangle outline on the back
  • agung maskund


    great stuff!


    simply awesome totally love that band
  • awakencompany

    Great work, as always!
  • awakencompany

    Great work, as always!
  • Supreme Mathematics

    Awesome man, but I thought you stopped doing art from what I read on your blog?
  • Paul Granese

    Thanks guys, yeah I stated on my blog that I was stepping back to practice more and hone in my skills, but I wanted to make one last post on emptees before it went under. this just carries over ha.
  • AJSmith

    very cool, good work

    awakencompany said:

    Great work, as always!

  • Tee Project

    That is figgin awesome!
  • Joshua M.

    Awesome work. I really want this.

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