hit me up

  • 307

  • ridiculusboy

    thanks 307 :)
  • alvin

    nice colouring
  • weirdmoyo

  • ridiculusboy

    thanks alvin :)

    thanks weidmoyo :)
  • freaktone

    Love it !
  • congcimen

    freaktone said: Love it !

    307 said: nice!
  • Balefire

    I'm absolutely shocked nobody has pointed to this:
  • ridiculusboy

    @ balefire

    hey.. maybe everybody have right to do with this concept..this is universal concept..the ronin warrior with the sword?? come on..??whats your problem sir..?? i not riping anybody ..and this is absolutely different picture..

    and i know ..i cannot be a godmachine..,,but im really big fan of him..
  • Balefire

    I wasn't trying to be offensive... it's just that your image is very very similar to the one I pointed to (it's basically the same character drawn in in a similar way, in a different pose).

    You're a skilled artist and you're better than this in my opinion. It's okay to be influenced by someone - just try to put a bit - strike that - A LOT more of yourself into it.

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