• RTB

  • Namsing

    RTB said: wow!
  • Jorge Gutierrez

    i see ur approaching projects with a different technique...while i prefer ur other more jagged style i enjoy this one as well...awesome work!
  • sicovercast

    DEMIT? unique title XD
  • MARTCH24

    sicovercast said: DEMIT? unique title XD

    hhahaha javanesse demon...
  • B.B

    love the pentagram, nice bro!
  • zurameto

    saya said: keren!
  • rock and loud

    sick as always
  • darkmasta

    great.....but what is demit???
  • agung maskund

  • yogadzawara

    rock and loud said: sick as always
  • ridiculusboy

    rock and loud said: sick as always
  • ergh

  • kinan

    RTB said: wow!
  • sydfly

    Ad demon wiith angel's wings...
    good job mate!
  • appergio


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