• Darkpane

    great work bro..

  • Bon Brouillard

  • franco knows art fu

    BADIC said: cool!!!
  • darkmasta

  • goregadget

    love the color :D
  • OptimisticDesigns

    darkmasta said: AWESOME
  • nazarianz

    lovely colors
  • gizmo

    BADIC said: cool!!!
  • Paul Granese

    pancho_mndz said:
    RowdyRoddy said: Is this your tribute to Godmachine?

    is that your way of being an asshole?

    this is good. a lil flat in the skull area but still good mate!

    How is he in any way being an asshole? I'd really like to know.
    By the way, this does look like something Godmachine would do. He would just put more detail into it.
    It's still not a bad piece though.
  • cumix47

    darkmasta said: AWESOME
  • vinbasshred

    very fucking badass!
  • ridiculusboy

    george cameroon said: nice concept!
  • streetouts

    darkmasta said: AWESOME
  • skeletorART

    vinbasshred said: very fucking badass!
  • weirdmoyo

    streetouts said:
    darkmasta said: AWESOME
  • ripkill

  • ergh

    damn nice
  • endrmrsto

    Darkpane said: great work bro..
  • d4.

    vinbasshred said: very fucking badass!
  • twicolabs

    looks awesome, except the sun (or whatever you called it) on the middle.
  • Doombringer

    I tried contacting your email to talk you about getting some work done. How much do you generally charge for design work.

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