Been working on this for a little while would like some feedback. Thanks

  • Freddie_P

  • quakerninja

    You drew Giant metal ass herpies. What part of your eye holes didnt' catch that before uploading this.
  • RRAL

    cool concept, I like it.
  • Freddie_P

    amos: don't know what to tell you.

    quakerninja: I'll chalk that up to a technical error on my part. But I stopped by the free clinic and picked up some pamphlets so we won't run into this problem again. ;-)

    RRAL: thanks
  • Lmerrill

    Some more texture overall could give it a retro faded look that would work nice for this piece. I really want to see some more definition/volume overall in the figure, her face is really flat as well as her arms. You should create a more defined light source, in my opinion.
  • Cutty.

    I think her giant nostrils give her a really masculine look.

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