one of the designs I've done more laborious,
I hope you like it,

for sale
send me an email if interested:

  • Blackout

  • Blackout

    send me a mail please ;)
  • Blackout

    thanks art of noise ;)
  • nerdsociety

    good job dude
  • Blackout

    hey thanks bro
  • ergh

    nice progress dude:)
  • Blackout

    thank you ergh :)
  • Blackout

    pas said: like your style

    thanks pas, but really dont locked me into one specific style,
    I like to experiment with many alternatives
  • 307

    simply great!
  • Blackout

    thanks 307
    really apreciate yours words!
  • ChrisAnnihilation

    Love it!

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