Done for the legendary ABORTED.

  • chriskillerartworx

    this is sick! and firstloved.
  • kiki.cwn

    wow awesome man.... like your work

    thanks Chris!Thanks kiki!
  • Namsing

    dude ! you 'r sick

    wow awesome man!!!!!
  • TIRI

    so awesome
  • ThirstyFly

    Great stuff, as always!

    thanks to everyone!its "tooo satan" for me,but was fun to do:)
  • vinbasshred

    I'm pressing the "you son-of-a-bitch" button from Arnie soundboards right about now...

  • ibzombieliquorice

    Great job. Again.

    thanks homies!!!:)
    @ZL: cant wait to wear the tee duder!:)
  • cumix47

    Killer as Always dude, Stay GRIND!!! \m/
  • Obscure

    Really awesome man! I guess i'm gona have to get used to all the decent death metal bands having merch designed by you haha
  • Darkpane

    killer work!
  • fracturize

    colors rock!
  • nerdsociety

    fracturize said: colors rock!
  • Brock May

    dude people are already copying your style... that means your successful! Yeee!
  • agung maskund

    love the colors
  • dustin wyatt

    awesome work.
  • rock and loud

    bloodyparade said: you are on fire dude
  • adnanueupe

    dustin wyatt said: awesome work.
  • streetouts

    kiki.cwn said: wow awesome man.... like your work
  • d4.

    always a fan of your work, dude!
  • Wyndelle Remonde

    not digging the colors but the illustration is sick as always

    Thanks guys!
    appreciate it:)
  • godfingersck

    dustin wyatt said: awesome work.
  • sydfly

    this is you, i know it...
    great as always...
  • ridiculusboy

    Still Drawing Crew said: great
  • 13UG-13th

    Love Ur Texture :)
  • kakaklung_s16

    you rock!!
  • weirdmoyo

    great client and great work dude
  • kinan

    Namsing said: dude ! you 'r sick

  • congcimen

    kiki.cwn said: wow awesome man.... like your work

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