New collab design with the talented Phil Jones. Now up for voting at threadless.

  • davidfromdallas

    Please Pick Up After Your Pets
  • Badut Bego

    Awsome! CooL!
  • William Henry

    I like it but this has C&D written all over it.
  • DCAY

    I really like this.
    I think it's kind of interesting that Astro and Brian are the only ones on leashes... as they would be the least likely to be leashed out of all these characters, IMO.
  • ergh

    wow, nice concept dude...
    but i can't find tintin:P
  • Obscure

    hahahahahahahahaha this is amazing!
  • Randyotter

  • sockmonkee

    ha, great!
  • ExaltedByMark.

  • Dschwen

    EPIC shit!
  • MonsieurEureka

    Great! I would buy that Mickey one alone on a t-shirt!
  • bleet

    homer with the least effort hahah classic
  • CoolMinded

    Can't believe it up for scoring, thought for sure the copyright issue would come up. On the other hand if you do get printed their sure as hell will force you to change it. At least I have a copy of the picture save to my computer.
  • buko

    amazing work guys!
  • davidfromdallas


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