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What trends will prevail in 2011?

Well, everyone's jumped on the pop culture bandwagon and milked it for what it's worth. There's still alot of interest in it, but the consumer market and online community is tired of boring, single serving, regurgitated ideas they've seen everywhere. You can't just go to 9gag and redo whatever you see is getting attention.

It's going to take a design that's taken more thoughtful consideration in concept, and a little more finesse in execution. Not only that, relevance, and near perfect timing marketing will be required to get a home run.




People squawk around "pop culture, pop culture" like all you have to do is throw some vader on a shirt to make it sell, but it's ain't that easy.

And Shiny... People love shiny.

ie) emptees, woot. Make the connection.

  • gaunty

    Where is Jonny 5?
  • jimiyo

    in my reference folder. wishing he was included but he was too skinny and jimiyo never watched that movie.
  • RemyC

  • WinterArtwork


    said pretty much the same thing about pop art on the DBH a less eloquent way lol

    PS - this is gonna sell a shit ton!
  • jumpy

    i love shiny!!
    Jonny 5 is alive
    this rocks
  • shahnawaz.born

    nice detail mate
  • rock and loud

    damn good
  • weirdmoyo

    esthetics said: He's shiny though...People love shiny.
    Nice detail.
  • Obscure

    amazing idea, love the execution and use of all the different type of robots.
  • ThirstyFly

    Pristine and flawless as per the usual!
  • Dschwen

    rock and loud said: damn good

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