• Tang

    Sound of Nature: Piano - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
  • dovemans

    nice one.
  • ThirstyFly

    Great concept.
  • heat.


    ThirstyFly said: Great concept.
  • Adhesive Hippo

    Did you post this somewhere earlier, but where it's just flat across the shirt, as opposed to now where it's trailing into the background? I remember seeing the exact same concept about a week ago.
  • isaboa

    awesome tang!
  • MattyVF

    OH WOW!!!

  • Badut Bego

    love this! :0)
  • A12.artwork

    NICE IDEA..!! :D
  • dunz0

    Brilliant idea! Looks fantastic!
  • Deadly

    this is one of those designs you can FEEL! nice cconcept bro

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