Tee for Man Overboard.

Un-approved. For Sale.

  • Peter Takis

  • labyrinth

    This is pretty sweet
  • Dr_Worm


  • ShineOn

    CallumGreen said: Like it all except the MMXI.

    and the bolts. Otherwise looks clean!
  • adam.

    Really nice!
  • Bob Kawa

    CallumGreen said: Like it all except the MMXI.
  • Betraydan

    very nice!
  • kevinandersson

    reminds me of:
  • Nick H.

    windyheart said: reminds me of:

    Not intentional at all. I obviously see what you mean. But then again, anything using an achor and script is going to come off like that.
  • Nick H.

    Thanks everyone else.
  • treycook

    Only thing that bugs me is the line of distress near the left edge of the anchor. Looks good though dude! And I don't think Windy was implying that you ripped that - he just said it reminds him of it.

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