This title is 100% random. I realize these are not actual peacock colors. But I think they look cool.

  • VanHaylen

    Awesome! I'd wear that in a heartbeat
  • Reign Of Virgo

    this rules!
  • Bob Kawa

    Colored version looks like it would be sweet, your style always amazes me.
  • _starryeyez_

    Looks great!
  • ithew

    yeah trav! dig the colors!
  • Paul Granese

    Sick, Travis. I love those pee cock cock cocks.
  • Travis Cook

  • Travis Cook

    Paul Granese said: Sick, Travis. I love those pee cock cock cocks.

    Heheee! ;D

    Thanks everyone!
  • domeh

    u did a great job travis.. really love this one..
  • ndrue182

    Reign Of Virgo said: whooaaa.
    this rules!
  • d4.

  • NVasion

    woah, those peacocks are incredibly realistic. Except for the colors but I really like them on this design
  • kleeve

  • nerdsociety

    very nice color dude

    fea77 said: stunning...
  • Lmerrill

    Amazing as always
  • agung maskund

    great as always
  • kiki.cwn

    ndrue182 said:
    Reign Of Virgo said: whooaaa.
    this rules!
  • Namsing

    Johnny 212 said: john baizley and pushead influence, SICK!!
  • freaktone

    wow my God!!LOVED
  • godfingersck

  • atomicchild

    dang dude this rules
  • Andrew Haines

    I'm getting hot over that B&W version ;D

    awesome awesome :)
  • chad manzo

    my goodness!
  • Monsterror

    nice composition man!
  • MonkeyMouth

    Holy moly Travis, this looks fantastic!
  • Ciro

    Avatarstic !
  • Alejandro Prez

    damn, those peacocks look incredible man. partial about the skulls but still.
  • yogadzawara

    great always!
  • Infinite Black

  • vinbasshred

    I love the peacock feathers
    I don't get the title tho :(
  • streetouts

    Lmerrill said: Amazing as always
  • 307

  • Travis Cook

    Thanks, you guys!

  • weirdmoyo

    thats sick!! totally brutal line :D
  • fracturize

    wow thats stunning man,like the color combo also

    yo best fosho!
  • jeremiah was a

    Mock up the coloured version you trollop, But seriously, favorite colour palette from you for sure

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