"he lost out there,because he used fake watch as a guide.."
is up for sale - tee.sastra@gmail.com -
thank you

  • dessastra

    Full viev

  • agung maskund

  • fracturize

    very cool,like the comp and watercolors
  • rock and loud

    fracturize said: very cool,like the comp and watercolors
  • streetouts

    love it

    streetouts said: love it
  • dessastra

    thank you so much guys, appreciated to me ^^
  • d4.

    streetouts said: love it
  • Reign Of Virgo

    love the lightning.
  • milkpack

    Lineart is awesome! One of the coolest line art here ever for me
  • dessastra

    thank you so much d4
    thank you so much reign of virgo
    also thank you so much milkpack, it really appreciated to me...
  • Infinite Black

    Very well executed and illustrated, but I feel the composition could be better. I wish the largest objects above the central figure to make the picture seem less heavy on a shirt. Just my opinion.
  • dessastra

    thanks for the suggetion infiniteBlack, much appreciated :)
  • ThirstyFly

    Fantastic drawing.
  • dessastra

    thank you very much ThirstyFly and dammymacstudio, mean a lot to me.. :)
  • EL3RD

    Great work.. Excellent design :)

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