*Edit: Sold!
Thanks a lot guys:)

  • falstro

  • nerdsociety

  • tzrfckr

    thanks guys! :)
  • sonar

    raise the boobs it looks pretty weird
  • mark bennett

  • adnanueupe

    mark bennett said: amazing
  • artevrie

    MonkeyMouth said: this is really good, but i think the bewbz may be a bit low.
  • S-CAPS

    Wow, nice Tezar!

    those wolves look amazing
  • agung maskund

    Geno 75 said: love it bro !
  • godfingersck

    BARMALISI said: woooow amazing!
  • tzrfckr

    thank you..love you all :)
  • Monsterror

  • Saverio

    Monsterror said: Awwwesome!!
  • i came from nothing

  • TIRI

    TOTD for sure..
  • devilreject

    307 said: dope!
  • sicovercast

    love the horror scenery!awesome mate!
  • Christopher Lovell

    This is fantastic, love the style
  • d4.

    Congrats for 1st TOTD!

    d4. said: Congrats for 1st TOTD!
  • Geno 75

    d4. said: Congrats for 1st TOTD!
  • bebeh

    TOTD matte....
  • Aime

    congrats for TOTD...
  • bleet

    amazing work, the mock up is shit...lets it down
  • domeh

    the superb first TOTD.. congrats
  • tzrfckr

    bleet said: amazing work, the mock up is shit...lets it down

    Yea, I’ll make a better mock up on the next time, thanks dude:)

    @All : Thanks for comments and love, you’re all awesome! cheers :)
  • DM7

    wow first TOTD!congrats bro!
  • xfutures

    Christopher Lovell said: This is fantastic, love the style

    d4. said: Congrats for 1st TOTD!
  • sicovercast

    congrats for the first TOTD.really love it!
  • adnanueupe

  • ThirstyFly

    Such a beautiful illustration, so glad it got TOTD. Well deserved.
  • matsanni

    congrats for TOTD!
  • Royal

    13UG-13th said: Wow Awesome :)
  • lazyeye

  • weirdmoyo

    matsanni said: congrats for TOTD!

    congrats bro!
    Just checked out ur portfolio!u have some really serious stuffs!
    keep up the good work!
  • tzrfckr

    wow thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it ;)
  • Alteration

    congrats dude!!
  • krizvector

    congrats dude!

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