I did this same tee a year ago for MCUTS. When Adam told me he was finally putting it into print, I thought I could re-do it much better...so I did.

You can pick it up HERE

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.

  • mikelopez


    mikelopez said: amazing
  • Grimalkin

    home alone hahah
  • Brock May

    Matt, I love you haha!
  • streetouts

  • 307

    Ridokucing said: home alone hahah
  • drop

    Brock May said: Matt, I love you haha!
  • gaunty

    really nice
  • Deformed Giraffe

    So good.

    whaaaaaaat! I want it!
  • Brendon Rush

    Haha just watched this for the first time in ages last night! Too good!
  • Ciro

    i love this so much
  • Tomspencer

    Ciro said: i love this so much

    Just about to say the same thing. So good!
  • Craig Robson

  • MattyVF


    Deformed Giraffe said: So good.
  • agung maskund

    Craig Robson said: brilliant.
  • weirdmoyo

    mikelopez said: amazing
  • Obscure

    OMG this is amazing!
  • devilreject

    Deformed Giraffe said: So good.
  • Matt Ryan

    Thanks everyone! This was a lot of fun to do.
    Hope some of ya'll will go pick one up!
  • Aiden Knowles

  • adam.

    So awesome! Mcuts is a solid brand
  • gut42

  • skeletorART

    so cool
  • Mcuts

    glad everyone digs this as much as matt and myself do, only did 50 of these babies to keep em collectable and ive sold half so far. P.s. don't send me emails for reprints if you hold your testies to long and miss out.
  • otasorednad

    this is going places! so original!
  • heat.

    Ahaha awesome!
  • Mcuts

    InfraRed said: bought one tonight :)

    yaaaaaa baby, shipping that out to you today ;)
  • delorean

    the wet bandits strike again!
  • grinskull

    nice. haha the sticky bandits!

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