another frat shirt that i did, this time it has a Christmas theme...will be printed here locally, this December...hehehe...enjoy!


    love your style!
  • jojo.sulatra

    thanks man!
  • Michael Engbino

  • jojo.sulatra

    Moshpette said: maau man diay ka mu design junie oi!

    sori bai...dli man ko si junie...
  • What The Eff

    this is the worst faux-nicolo ive ever seen
  • iamwill

    What The Eff said:this is the worst faux-nicolo ive ever seen

    your the lamest designer ive ever seen. have respect dude
  • jimayy

    BRO.. kaibigan... kumusta.. may tatanong lang po sana ako kung pwede?

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