design done for Funky Street Wear..
he asked me to made a big robot made of cars and money.


  • monching

  • xNoYaMx

    SO NICE!!!
  • monching

    xNoYaMx said:

    SO NICE!!!

    lol..thanks tol..:)
  • RedRobotRabbit

    As Tony the tiger use to put it, GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGreat!
  • monching

    RedRobotRabbit said: As Tony the tiger use to put it, GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGreat!

    thanks man..:D
  • Nova

    i'm really digging this
  • jontoi22

    so nice
  • nerdsociety

    hala ka!!ang ganda naman nito tol....i love the placement of text...very smooth...

    tol!!!!eto ang pinakagusto ko!(my most admired work of yours)haha,tinranslate!..good job bro!

    turned out great
  • kiki.cwn

  • The Vaurine

  • monching

    thanks much guys..really appreciate it..:)
  • monching

    adam brooks said: Amazing job man fosho! :) I sent you a email

    thanks man...just received your mail..:)
  • devilreject

    dhies said: greatt....
  • Wyndelle Remonde

    yeah!!!! for the win!
  • kinan

  • Geno 75

    it's great man!
  • Layl

    grabi ka mon!!!!! OWSUM!!!!! hahahaha i mean AWESOME!!!!!
  • monching

    Lylecore said: grabi ka mon!!!!! OWSUM!!!!! hahahaha i mean AWESOME!!!!!

    Wyndelle Remonde said: yeah!!!! for the win!

    salamat idol wynds..:D
    lyle..haha daghan salamat sayo..:D

    kinan said: awesome,,.,.,

    devilreject said:
    dhies said: greatt....

    dhies said: greatt....

    thanks a bunch mates..
  • monching

    Geno 75 said: it's great man!

    thank you sir..appreciated it..
    your works are truly awesome..:)
  • fracturize

    turned out awesome!
  • ridiculusboy

    Geno 75 said: it's great man!
  • RTB

    Geno 75 said: it's great man!
  • Alteration

    always awesome!!
  • _starryeyez_

    Such an awesome illustration!
  • fopifopi

    loveeee this!!
  • monching

    thanks a lot mates..:)
  • selfhighfive

    The text is confusing me a bit. It reads- Money makes the World Go!!! Round. I'm a bit curious as to why you chose to punctuate it that way.
    Simply to keep symmetry in the text? If so, I think you could have came up with a better way to keep the 'Go' and 'Round' sides balanced, while keeping the sentence coherent.

    The illustration is cool. It's just the exclamation points that erk me.
  • monching

    thanks for that sir.
    yep i put exclamation mark on it to make it balance.
    but the client didn't say anything wrong about it.
    i'll just do my best next time when it comes to typograph.

    thanks again..:)

    Geno 75 said: it's great man!
  • S-CAPS

    dhies said: greatt....
  • d4.

    Geno 75 said: it's great man!
  • monching

    guitaplaya69 said: i see you made this for a clothing company. do you have a link to the shirt for sale? i tried searching for the company and didnt find it.

    thanks either cant google that company.. he just told me that i'll just write "funky street wear" on the description.

    maybe they were just starting. :)
  • rock and loud

    love it :)
  • cumix47

    rock and loud said: love it :)
  • ergh

    monching said:

    nice detail dude...^^b

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