I finally finished this piece (which took me almost a month to finish)

It's up and running over at Designbyhumans.com

This originally started out as a Kings of Leon sub based on the LP title “Only By Night.”

The ring on our hero has a cross used by the Knights Templar.
King Arthur’s crest was that of a Raven or Crow (depending who you ask).
A huge flock of Ravens/Crows could seemingly turn day into night.

That was my thought process.

I'd appreciate some Love and a vote.


  • ghostforhire

    Detail's on my Ghost4Hire Flickr page.
  • godsloadedsociety

    I think I saw this before? Either way I still think its great!
  • ghostforhire

    godsloadedsociety said: I think I saw this before? Either way I still think its great!

    Maybe... I've been showing the WIP on my Flickr page.
  • ghostforhire

    Thanks, Drew. It took a while, but its done.
  • jeremiah was a

    mobe13 said: great to see the finished product....effing bad ass!

    touche, looks awesome man
  • Jason Carne

    This is killer man, I would buy this no question.
  • alexcampbellart

    So amazing, definitely voted for you man.
  • atomicchild

  • qetza

    I already voted for this. Nice job.
  • adfreak

    kind of reminds me triple H Style love it man!!!! sucha a good shirt!
  • Betraydan

  • nelloforesto

  • Dxtr

  • rasefour

    awesome.... reminds me with aristoteles...
  • Travis Cook

    hxcbrock said: dude, this is brilliant

    don't do it! He'll rip it!
  • litoQ

    This is sick dude! I wish it was on a dark tee, black or charcoal, but this rocks.
  • Pavel Fisher

    Godly D:

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