My latest design for Iron Fist. The theme was ‘Glasgow Kiss’. I was given some great inspiration in the brief and got a clear idea straight away for the image I wished to portray. I was greatly inspired by the beautiful lyrics of Justin Sullivan of New Model Army from the song ‘Twilight Home’. I tried to be as clever as possible with halftones and colour choices to create the mood I was after. Thanks go to Nicole Hoéy for being a wonderful reference model. 5 colours. Enjoy!

  • Christopher Lovell


  • Christopher Lovell

  • qetza

    So nice man. Love the illo. The coloring is amazing!
  • KimonJee

    The girl looks photo real.
    Amazing work!
  • Joshua Jordan

  • AlexArrows

    Joshua Jordan said: HOLY CRAP.
  • camoshop

    :O wow loved!!!
  • PitchGrim

    Dude, I was just uploading the one I did. This is killer man, truly stunning work.
  • Christopher Lovell

    PitchGrim said: Dude, I was just uploading the one I did. This is killer man, truly stunning work.

    Thanks bro! love yours too :)

    Cheers everybody!
  • iloveantix

    I really love your style man...this is awesome. Great textures too!
  • Jorge Gutierrez

    i just love all the girls that u make in ur illustrations!...awesome design!
  • Alejandro Prez

    holy shit. you're on a whole other level man.
  • Monsterror

    God..this is beautiful!
    how long does a sketch like this take?
  • Christopher Lovell

    It took a while to draw, I sketched her first then drew out the rough background. Positioned her where I thought best and built it all up from there. Took about a week!
  • fopifopi

    so sick!!
  • _starryeyez_

    It's so beautiful.
  • burntilldead

    trully enjoy your art.
  • Reign Of Virgo

    so much love on it.. the coloring is too perfect dude..
  • sweetsbrutal

    burntilldead said: trully enjoy your art.
  • deonic

    wow, this is so real.
  • freaktone

  • Alteration

    KimonJee said: The girl looks photo real.
    Amazing work!
  • ndrue182

    always awesome....always make me satisfy...
  • Namsing

    Edgars said: this is insane!
  • AttChiT

    never ending insanity
  • RoboPickle

    Beautiful. I never seemed to find your previous Iron Fist designs printed
  • Geno 75

    totally awesome!
  • D zasta

    gratz on totd
  • Tomspencer

    Chris, this is beautiful man.
  • Rial Demones

    WOW........ this is not T-shirt design, this is ART!!!!!!!

    totally awesome!!!!!

    as always:)
  • Christopher Lovell

    Thankyou everyone. To be honest I have gotten very frustrated with not having the time to paint with acrylics on canvas in so long, so style wise decided to approach my tee designs in the way I like to paint more often. Knowing print restrictions etc now I feel I can squeeze as much as possible out of a design and the colours available. Getting the hang of making halftones has been a huge help. Cheers!
  • 1000eyesdesign

  • Ciro

    Art !!!
  • ren-ren

    is this for real??
  • MARTCH24

  • 110specialblack


    very amazing!!!
  • sweetsbrutal

    110specialblack said: impressive.
  • heat.

    So awesome...

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