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Sellin out to the trend of intense color and chaos that seems to be trendy over at DBH, as well as tailoring my design for a techno-ish feel.

I usually illustrate so I think the design is still a little too calculated in comparison to the wildness of the designs popular in the collage/chaos category.

Anyways, Ill post the link if they accept the submission.


  • quakerninja

    Trippin on the porcelain, I've been there.
  • dobi

    sweet, looks like it'll do well over there.
  • jimiyo

    Ray Frenden said: If intense color is selling out, then label me a whore.

    whore. ;j

    naw man, hope you arent taking any offense cause that remark had nothing to do with ya. it seems like just last year, colors were much more muted there, and of recently its gotten crazy punchy. nothing bad.

    and i think by 'selling out', i am referring to catering this piece specifically to what i think is popular for this contest, and going against my normal muted color scheme.

    but im guessin you werent offended so im just going on about nothing.
  • chrisrushing

    not my thing but nicely done for what it is.
  • Beadler

    nice work

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