Her name is Christy-6 and she's a stripper who works for the imperial army!

Give her some love.

Hope you like it. Thanks.

  • gaunty

    nice one
  • heat.

    Thanks man!

    I instantly thought about a stripper with the helmet (as everyone I suppose) but wanted to do something else, more like telling a story.

    Anyway good luck to you, even you don't need it :)
  • Andrew Haines

    I like this concept
  • ialoneambest

    Jennifer Love Hewitt?
  • heat.

    Not at all dude.

    I've used this. She looks like Pam from the office.

    Thanks Andrew!
  • heat.

    Little extra love?
  • reyrey78921

    definitely dig the pole-lightsaber dancing
  • heat.

    Thanks reyrey!
  • _starryeyez_

    Andrew Haines said: I like this concept
  • heat.

    Thanks Starryeyez
  • heat.

    Thanks sebrod

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