i wanted to draw an anchor. so i did draw an anchor.

  • fopifopi

  • 110specialblack

  • Tom Neal

    fopifopi said: first

    Don't do that.

    Looks good dude!
    second ;)
  • NVasion

    the king of textures
  • AttChiT

    soo clean damnn
  • RTB

    NVasion said: the king of textures
  • John Hobbs

    Looks great, love the textures.
  • Benjamin Lande

  • Travis Cook

    great negative space here

    loved the way you colored it.
  • Gabriel Gozzer

  • jimiyo

    Travis Cook said: great negative space here

  • Infinite Black

    Love the shading
  • camoshop

    this is cool , my only critique is the waves, takes a lot of practice to get japanese waves right,
  • Christopher Lovell

    I love this!
  • agung maskund

    love the colors!
  • PitchGrim

    Incredible work dude. I really like it on creme.
  • ripkill

    love u
  • mattcorrado

    badass man
  • Alteration

    Benjamin Lande said: texturetastic
  • nerdsociety

    one of the master in texturing...
  • Luke Tarrant

    I like it, by god that's on light anchor to be floating on water. at least there's more happening in this than others done before :)
  • Jake Ward

    This is fucking incredible, The best anchor I've ever seen, colours are perfect, it's all perfect.
  • x Nau x

    That is fucking awesome!
    In the waves you can try study the works from the tattoo artists from Yellow Blaze studio.
  • roovie

    succesfully amaze me
  • c.G.

    so sick.
  • mattgondek

    nicely executed
  • K C B

    Selling this design?
  • cruise

  • DeeDeeKid

    perfect in any way!
  • TIRI

  • popmonkey

    And it's an excellent anchor.
  • Danegerous

    I could use this in my life.
  • Craig Robson

    this is awesome you wanchor.

    (he he he he)
  • 110specialblack

    thanks a lot for the love mateys!

    Craig Robson said: this is awesome you wanchor.

    (he he he he)

    safed the pun for last haha

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