Thanks very much!

  • alexmdc

    WOW +1
  • Dschwen

    So good man!
  • DCW

    Cool concept.
  • freaktone

    so awesome!!LOVE
  • A.Merkison

  • Paul Granese

    31 loves in 38 minutes. Wow. So great!
  • Deformed Giraffe

    Original,cool & loved.
  • oss caroch

    genius !
  • heat.

    Amazing work!
  • Jason Carne

    Stingraymobile YES.

    way cool!
  • Sam Montana

  • agung maskund

    DCW said: Cool concept.
  • Lmerrill

    This is messing with my head! I love it.
  • adnanueupe

  • yogadzawara

    great job
  • FuzzyInk

    I sense a Threadless print with this one. Well done!
  • johnsaurus

    this is beautiful
  • Andrew Haines

  • Evanimal

    Really well done!

    Watch that hi res, you'll be seeing these popping up all over Southeast Asia
  • DCBeatty

    I think I'd prefer this as a print to be honest, but I really love the artwork.
  • endrmrsto

    oss caroch said: genius !
  • Monsterror

    Jaakie201 said: woah, looks amazing!
  • bleet

    just needs bubbles
  • TenTimesKarma

    bleet said: just needs bubbles

    agree with the bubbles, this is awesome!
  • BCHC

    100th love.
  • streetouts

    A.Merkison said: Lovely.
  • kakaklung_s16

  • tzrfckr

    wow wow!
  • RTB

    surya_16 said: beautiful

    tzrfckr said: wow wow!
  • Certis

    Wow, totd for sure and probably a threadless print. Good job!
  • reiiz

  • Dschwen

    TOTD, come on!!!!
  • ndrue182

    its sooooo cool dude....but please remove your high res button,only to anticipate that people cant rip it...
  • alvarejo

    Thanks to all for this great support!!
  • atatos

    damn.this is amazing
  • delorean

    some of the best work ive ever seen on emptees. good form.
  • chriskillerartworx

    lovely illustration!
  • ThirstyFly

    Yay! TOTD! Such a beautiful, whimsical drawing! Congrats.
  • Obscure

    Great idea!

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