Are you a bad enough dude to wear a seahorse shirt?

Haven't heard anything back, but I'm still holding out hope, so it's not for sale YET.

  • selfhighfive

  • sonar

    this is awesome dude
  • fopifopi

    like it
  • selfhighfive

    Thanks guys, glad you like it. I'm just excited to contribute something to this awesome community.
  • chad manzo

    love this!
  • Sam Montana

    I'd rock this shirt all week. So good.
  • RTB

    daneel said: this is awesome!
  • deekin

    awesome in many ways!
  • mattcorrado

    sonar said: this is awesome dude

    nice man!
  • Betraydan

  • selfhighfive

    Thanks everybody! It always rules to login and see my design on the front page.
    You guys are awesome.

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