A symbol of Khepri, an Egyptian god
who pushes the sun from dawn to dusk.


  • ndrue182

    nice ...
  • yoga

    ndrue182 said: nice ...

    Thanks, pal!
  • Jake Ward

    this is awesome man
  • yoga

    Jake Ward said: this is awesome man

    Thanks, jake!
  • xfutures

  • TheHellmaker

    ndrue182 said: nice ...
  • yoga

    TheHellmaker said:
    ndrue182 said: nice ...

    nofuture said: love!

    Thanks, guys!
  • Artis Opus

    Really nice.
  • Paul Granese

  • Sam Montana

    Looking good!
  • yoga

    Thank you, everybody!
  • yoga

    XxSLIPxX said: cool

    Thanks, XxSLIPxX!
  • Wyndelle Remonde

    awesome mate
  • MonkeyMouth

    wow, this is beautiful man!
  • reiiz

    Pretty cool!
  • yoga

    Thanks, wyndelle!
    Thanks, Monkeymouth!
    Thanks, reiiz!
  • devilreject

    reiiz said: Pretty cool!
  • yoga

    Josh Chance said: so awesome! The wings are something I have not seen before (the way you drew them) and the beetle itself is great! can't wait to see your next one, I would deff like to pick this up

    Thanks, Josh!
    Hope someone buy this, so you can pick it up!
  • yoga

    devilreject said:
    reiiz said: Pretty cool!

    Thanks, devilreject!
  • roovie

    great work
  • yoga

    roovie said: great work

    Thanks, roovie!
  • RTB

    pretty cool!
  • Benjamin Lande

    This rules!
  • Gabriel Gozzer

  • Bon Brouillard

    SicSweet said: bad ass.
  • 13UG-13th

    nice nice :)
  • Jorge Gutierrez

    i absolutely love this!
  • markusmanson

  • Andrew Haines

    Likin it man!
  • agung maskund

    Jorge Gutierrez said: i absolutely love this!
  • rasefour

    two thumbs up for you.
  • Monsterror

  • Royal

    Monsterkecil said: Loved
  • radioes

  • otasorednad

    spectacular - really enjoying that.

    pretty neat.
  • yoga

    Thank you very much dudes!
  • yoga

    Wally Jones said: this egypt concept.
    freaking insane

    Thanks, Wally!
  • el muerto

    nice work
  • ananta

    this awesome

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