new one for the holly springs disaster.
i think i like drawing old men, leafs and strange animals.

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  • 110specialblack

  • Benjamin Lande

    amazing illustration!
  • PitchGrim

    Your work literally leaves me speechless.
  • Stijn Van Belle

  • Scott Gunner

    Incredible, I like it more on the white

    crazy texture
  • NVasion

    amazing! I love the little guy with the spear right under the duck-thingy, great detail
  • Travis Cook

  • freaktone

    really great!LOVE
  • drknoche

    PitchGrim said: Your work literally leaves me speechless.
  • Paul Granese

  • Bob Kawa

    drknoche said:
    PitchGrim said: Your work literally leaves me speechless.
  • Obscure

    that is so damn good!!!
  • atatos

    great details..
  • 110specialblack

    thanks for the love guys!

    PitchGrim said: Your work literally leaves me speechless.

    i love what you did for them. i had to go with the old guy(who was a chick first) because you already had a woman in your design haha.
  • cruise

    that's fuckin rad.
    up in smoke is one of my favorite songs by them too. must buy.
  • kakaklung_s16

    sick!!!! really great!!!! I love u artwork.
  • ChrisAnnihilation

  • agung maskund

    Benjamin Lande said: amazing illustration!
  • domeh

  • KimonJee

  • lazyeye

    HOLY FUCK! Bro, this is really, really good! Thanks for posting this :) That's the kind of beard I want to grow. This might have possibly been the only t-shirt in months motivate me to make a purchase, bravo!
  • gaunty

  • rasefour

    high skill stipling... really cool.
  • Namsing

    leo said: OH GOD !
  • mark bennett

    pretty coooool!

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