Strange and weird skull as usual because i can't draw a normal skull. hahaha.

available for sale.
3-4 colors, PSD format.
just shock me if you're interested

  • agung maskund

    whooaaa...awesome mate!
  • gefiction

    pretty cool..
  • Bob Kawa

    wow, this rules.
  • rasefour

    thanks agung
    thanks gefi
    thanks gbi
    thanks trash nasty
  • eatho

    so sexy
  • freaktone

  • rasefour

    thanks eatho
    thanks freaktone
  • Alejandro Prez

    yeah thats pretty gnarly
  • chad manzo

    Alejandro Prez said: yeah thats pretty gnarly
  • rasefour

    thanks alejandro
    thanks chad
    thanks iysarobi

    cheers !

    logged in to love this mate... :D
  • rasefour

    SILENCER8 said: logged in to love this mate... :D

    hahaha... all right boss...
  • 13UG-13th

    gefiction said: pretty cool..
  • yogadzawara

    freaktone said: love!

    SILENCER8 said: logged in to love this mate... :D

    yeah, absolutely
  • Namsing

    cool condition!

    B STUDIO said:
    SILENCER8 said: logged in to love this mate... :D

    yeah, absolutely

  • kinan

    agung maskund said: whooaaa...awesome mate!
  • rasefour

    thanks to all. best regards for you.
  • Rial Demones

    love it

    bad ass shades and shadows.
  • rasefour

    thanks guys.. you're awesome...
  • xfutures

    Rial Demones said: love it
  • uglybetsy

    freakin' awesome rase four!!! yeaaah...
  • D zasta

    i think that's really awesome but what i think is when u are possible to draw a correct skull , that ur work is going to be better
  • kiki.cwn

  • Infinite Black

    I love you weird skulls. Keep it up.
  • Betraydan

    this rules , you have improved so much - keep it up man.
  • roovie

    Whoa... mate... this is beauteefull...really dig the smoky effect
  • mumolabs

    hell yeah bro!
  • domeh

    weird but fantastic... love it..
  • rasefour

    hey, thanks for the nice comments and advices mates.. really appreciate that..
  • TIRI

    Nice Work ..
  • drop

    oh shit buddy, this is flawless!
    you rule!

    love your style. very unique
  • ChrisAnnihilation

  • qetza

    Awesome one!
  • Baby Zombie

    always amaze me! +1
  • adnanueupe

    great work
  • quiet_october

    hello mate,this is not your usual style...
    but,hey! it is great!
    and the weird/strange proportion...don't change it bro,it is the best part for sure.

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