another design I did some months ago for Bullett.
they wanted a '80's vintage' feeling on this one... hope to see it printed this summer!
enjoy ;]

  • corefolio

  • Travis Cook

    love it
  • gaunty

    His eyes aren´t round and he hands are too big. This is a terrible design. Only joking I love big hands! (That´s what she said)
  • Ben Danger

    insane coloring and texture
  • litoQ

  • i came from nothing

    Ben Danger said: insane coloring and texture
  • treycook

    whoa, that color work is sickk!
  • alexcampbellart

    Straight awesome
  • xjoshuabelangerx

    love how your getting these textures man, wish i knew your process
  • downrodeo

    maxcel_stench said: wow, slap my balls and call me granddad! this is the sex!

    Grandpa, this tee is sooooooo fucking good.

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