Trying to draw a weird concept. So I decided to draw an owl clock sand, with inverted sand, defined about time and change.

hope you enjoy it.

  • rasefour

    everthing is changing
  • Craig Robson

    fucking brilliant!
  • rasefour

    Craig Robson said: fucking brilliant!

    thanks mr.awesome craig.
  • 1000eyesdesign

    i love this
  • Jason Carne

    Rules hard.
  • mumolabs

    damn hot!
  • Rial Demones

    love it bro....
  • Gabriel Gozzer

  • Glenn

    love it!
  • ChrisNeal

    Craig Robson said: fucking brilliant!
  • rasefour

    thank you guys.. really glad hear that..

  • mattcorrado

    this is cool
  • Rowan

    Really cool dude!
  • Alejandro Prez

    fuck this is cool

    you keep getting better, this is fucking brilliant!
  • Baby Zombie

  • Alteration

    Rial Demones said: love it bro....
  • gurven

    looks great man!
  • roovie

    Mate! you're brilliant...!
    Keep wearing sandals LOL!
  • rasefour

    thank you guys, really appreciate that.. cheers.
  • cruise

    love this, i dig the subtle skulls.
  • markusmanson

    whoa.. totally dig this!
  • chad manzo

    thats insanely awesome!!!love the subtle type!
  • rasefour

    thank you guys, for the nice and kind comments..
  • Betraydan

    good work dude.
  • yoga

    I AM enjoying it!
  • SugarCoated

    awesome bud!
  • drop

    damn, this is amazing bro!
  • agung maskund

    markusmanson said: whoa.. totally dig this!
  • atatos

    very nice...!!
  • TIRI

    Elo Cova said: I really like this! Great work RF!

  • rasefour

    thank you everybody. really appreciate for the support.
    hope you all have a nice day.
  • heat.


    SHIT! this rocks!
  • Benjamin Lande

    wow, i love this!
  • Royal

    melwing1999 said: Nice.
  • rasefour

    thanks guys.
  • domeh

    i dig this one rase

    it's amazing dude

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