Zip down your hoodie and watch the Biblical Epic Miracle happen over and over again :)

4 colors on red hoodie/shirt

I was bouncing around some ideas with Murraymullet, and this is one he suggested to try :) hope you guys like it!

  • alexmdc

    Parting the Red Sea - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
  • addu

  • Obscure

    holy crap this is my favourite i've seen so far!!!!! This should win:)
  • Alejandro Prez

    and you just won the challenge. congrats in advance!
  • Gabriel Gozzer

  • twicolabs

  • dovemans

    awesome concept and beautiful execution!
  • drop


  • Lahhh

    drop said: genius!!
  • E+N

    drop said: genius!!
  • TenTimesKarma

    winner! simply brilliant!

    i love everything about this. hope it prints
  • jimiyo

    most awesome thing ever! :D
  • Matt Borchert

    Logged in just to say that this is genius.
  • WinterArtwork

    Alejandro Prez said: and you just won the challenge. congrats in advance!

  • kinan

    addu said: awesome
  • jumpy

    holy moses!!!
  • gurven

    So clever! would definitely wear!
  • spacemonkeydr

    genius, you've just won
  • John Hobbs

    This is amazing! I want one!
  • D zasta

    shit ur idea is so nice!
  • piecesoflust

  • litoQ

  • BlindAura

    I love this!
  • Christopher Lovell

    Great idea and very nicely done.
  • j_quigly

  • heat.

    So clever and awesome.
  • ThirstyFly

    Brilliant and also flawlessly done!
  • gamera

  • alexmdc

    woah thank you guys for totd!
  • chad manzo

    holy shit balls!hands down best hoodie EVER.
  • ganjarelex

    it's wonderful
  • luthfy.prayoga

    Best hoodie ever!!!
  • dok

    Christopher Lovell said: Great idea and very nicely done.
  • Wyndelle Remonde

    chad manzo said: holy shit balls!hands down best hoodie EVER.

  • ZaneGun08

    This would be cool with an accompanying shirt, like you unzip it and it has people walking at the top and romans chasing them at the bottom so you can half zip it up to wash them away
  • Daniel Nyari

    Brilliant concept and execution!
  • Tidsfordriv

    wow, excellent concept!!
  • atatos


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