just draw it for fun, against time.

design available for sale if anyone interested.


  • artevrie

    sick bro..
  • rasefour

  • WillDaBeast

    xevriex said: sick bro..
  • gefiction

  • rasefour

    thanks guys. really appreciate it.
    cheeerzz !
  • treycook

  • DesignByRyan

  • streetouts

    treytooknotice said: Great!
  • el muerto

  • Jake Ward

    DesignByRyan said: DOPE
  • rasefour

    thanks guys.. glad hear that..
  • rasefour

    rumble said: great..what program?
    the detail is sick!

    for colors using photoshop.
  • Saverio

    el muerto said: loved!

    so good!
  • mumolabs

    this is great dude!
  • markusmanson

    long time no see mate! loved!
  • thethundertongue

    markusmanson said: long time no see mate! loved!
  • ChrisAnnihilation

    Oh shit <333
  • Craig Robson

    this is awesome! someone needs to jump on buying this.
  • drknoche

    Diko de Souza said: great texture..
  • congcimen

    Long time no see buddy, you always great....
  • NVasion

    I love the colors and the stipling, awesome style
  • roovie

    Your illo always reminds me about my illustration class.... Doing pointilize technique is hard....

    well done brotha!
  • rasefour

    thanks everyone... for the kind and awesome comment.. cheers !
  • devilreject


    i knew this was spawned by you. great as always
  • agung maskund

    i know this is you from the thumbnail :)
    love it

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