based off some painting Josh showed me


    smooth and flawless as always
  • thethundertongue

    GNARZILLA said: smooth and flawless as always

    awesome boobs, pretty girl
  • markusmanson

    damn.. I always love how you draw girls! i still have a lot to learn
  • chad manzo

    markusmanson said: damn.. I always love how you draw girls! i still have a lot to learn

    always awesome!
  • gaunty

    One of my faves of yours. Is it wierd to get turned on by this chick?
  • TheBoyWhoLived

  • drknoche

  • ren-ren

    my girlfriend love these kinds of artwork. like it! boobs on parade! :D
  • Rowan

    Mmmm... Tasty!
  • goregadget

    my favorite designer :)
  • Layl

    hot chick
  • el muerto

    qwerty! said:
    warmwater said: Boobs are always awesome.


  • Make Believe

  • freaktone

    i love it
  • mattcorrado

    that background looks awesome
  • Andrew Pop

    One of your best for sure. Tried to order this last night...they seem to only ship to the U.S. though, which is lame.
  • 1000eyesdesign

    Loylecore said: hot chick
  • Benjamin Lande

  • ithew

    thanks ya'll!
  • Dschwen

    Awesome, great work!
  • LaFlamme

  • johnsaurus

    this is hot!
  • seventhfury

    Awesome border, love the black silhouettes!!
  • 110specialblack

    good use of the negative space.
  • danmumford

    well good
  • D zasta

    awesome man!
  • Dschwen

  • sydfly

    danmumford said: well good
  • bebeh it dude!

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