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available now!

pleasure to work with you!

  • Craig Robson

  • drop

    sick idea! i like the detail work
  • Craig Robson

    thankyou drop!
  • Benjamin Lande

  • Craig Robson

    hey thankyou benjamin, it means a lot coming from someone with such an extensive portfolio of sick designs.
  • labyrinth

    this is sweet!
  • Craig Robson

    thankyou labyrinth :)
  • Travis Cook

    excellent illustration
  • Craig Robson

    thankyou so much travis, you are somewhat of a legend!
  • mark weighall

    thats pretty rad
  • downrodeo

    I this. :)
  • Craig Robson

    thank you very much guys.
  • Craig Robson

    hey thankyou for the loves everyone!
  • MetalHand

    This style fits exactly for indie punk bands, dont know why they reject it, it looks pretty good man
  • Craig Robson

    they said that they didnt really dig the whole alien thing, although they liked the idea.... im looking to give it a good home :D
  • Bob Kawa

    damn this is so good. i love it
  • Craig Robson

    thankyou chris666!
    thankyou aaron!
    thankyou thrash!

  • minorhero

    how much do you want for it
  • Craig Robson

    hi mike, i will email you shortly.

    minor hero, i wil lbe doing the same, sorry for any delay!

    : )
  • doylecore

    not digging the lettering, but holy shite, the rest is awesome
  • connor

    hey man,
    i'm loving this, definately interested in buying it!
    e-mail me;
  • alexmdc

  • Craig Robson

    doylecore said: not digging the lettering, but holy shite, the rest is awesome

    the lettering was the bands choice, it looks like a misfits font rip to me...? but thankyou for the compliment.

    and thankyou connortees, matt and alex.

    just wanted to say thankyou to everyone who made this:Photobucket happen.

    this site is the greatest, i will be posting some more designs up soon so keep em pealed!
  • Craig Robson

  • drop

    dude where is your other design?? why did you delete it, it was so nice :(
  • Craig Robson

    im rethinking it based on some of the critique made, dont worry it will be back up soon!
  • Craig Robson

    thankyou abel. im looking forwards to it!
  • Craig Robson

    SLAVE*APPAREL said: lol
    this is really cool

    thanks alot dude!
  • Greg Abbott

    Not sure how I missed this! Brilliant!
  • Craig Robson

    Greg Abbott said: Not sure how I missed this! Brilliant!

    thankyou greg! it looks lovely printed too!
  • Craig Robson

    Crumbling Stone said: Fantastic! and funny too!

    haha thanks! im glad it tickled your funny bone!
  • Craig Robson

    nerd_core said: reminds me Charles Burns style, but it still rockz!:)

    thanks He's a big influence (obviously) and its a great compliment!

    COOL! :D
  • Craig Robson

    thanks Horned bird!

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