Remain first project, iam made a concept beauty with in, but my client goes run with a file high, and don't paying me...

and now iam ready fresh concept with touching zombie effect, i'll sale this artwork, if you want...

#status : for sale


  • Royal


    replace your name Brand,
  • radvicioust

    aigo said: nice nice nice :D
  • krizvector

    scary face...
  • agung maskund

    i think i don't like the colors,but it's cool!
  • Royal

    Houseworth said: good colors and line work but that blur gave me headache. :\

    for detail, u can see in bottom, ty Brotha...
  • Alteration

  • Royal

    agung maskund said: i think i don't like the colors,but it's cool!

    ty bro, i am just trying to realist, and tommorow will be better, hope... hope...
  • devilreject

  • AttChiT

    keeewwll :)
  • ThirstyFly

    I love it. Loved. Can't believe your client didn't want it.
  • E+N

    devilreject said: nice..
  • Betraydan

  • i came from nothing

  • Royal

    i came from nothing said: cool

    the you said: cool...

    thank's mate...
  • xfutures


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