This design was picked up by Heal Clothing, be sure to check them out!

  • Brendon Rush

  • Bob Kawa

  • Brendon Rush

    thrash nasty said: KILLER!

    Thanks Bob! You're stepping it up too man!
  • matt901

    Nice. Keep it Suffolk
  • TenTimesKarma

    i'm feelin this one!
  • Brendon Rush

    TenTimesKarma said: i'm feelin this one!

    Thanks man!

    matt901 said: Nice. Keep it Suffolk

    Thanks. Haha, gotta love sunny Suffolk.
  • Brendon Rush

    Joey said: totes reminds me of yardley's priestess cover

    Do you have a link to it Joey? Don't think I've seen it before.
  • heat.

    Nice textures.
  • Brendon Rush

    heat. said: Nice textures.

    Thanks heat!
  • Adhesive Hippo

    Eh, there are a few similarities, but not much.

  • Brendon Rush

    Adhesive Hippo said: Eh, there are a few similarities, but not much.

    mm, I can see why someone would compare them, all that they have in common is they both use geometric shapes and a space theme, if the colours/text was similar then I would understand someone saying it was too alike.

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