Rough design of a t-shirt for our tattoo shop.


    haha we are next dude.
  • noFunk

    jimmyheartcore said: Please print this.

    I am getting bored of the face design and the "faggot" shirts.

    Faggot shirt????
  • Colemadethis

    yea- this rules!
  • quakerninja

    what's 519?
  • Colemadethis

    quakerninja said: what's 519?

    probably the area code...
  • quakerninja

    oh duh I thought it was a limited edition thing but 519 would be a big ass run.

    haha 519 is our street address # 519 Market St.

    our shops like an awesome clan of people,
    we treat it as an area code i guess you could say?

    We're all part of the 519.
  • Victra

    bad resolution. Bad text. not a very strong design or drawing.

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