Mashy colorificness on a tee shirt...Made in Illustrator and printed with sparkle black ink.

Buy it @ :

  • herman

    good job as always, ken!
  • chrisrushing

    double you tee eff
  • derekdeal

    how did they print this, i have a full color im thinking of submitting
  • chrisrushing

    cmky my friend.
  • kennybanzai

    actually its five or six colors... I think six... very cmyk ish though..
  • derekdeal

    good to know

    i wasnt sure cuz the blacks look lighter like it wasnt seperated but printed on top, didnt know if it was like dtg or something
  • ryanmiller

    this is so cool man. good job
  • Grego

    Nice work!
  • kennybanzai

    yeah the black looks lighter because there are sparkles in there so it makes it kinda gray... maybe if there is ever a reprint it could be on navy or something...
  • Kolby

    fucking great

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