So bored and trying to do this kind of thing, did this in Mangastudio and having kinda difficulties, so as you can see, the result's not as clean as I wanted. Gonna learn some more and more, I love doing this.
Approved for Impending Doom.

  • markusmanson

    the process
  • c.G.

  • qetza

    That's awesome! Totally dig your process gifs.
  • gefiction

  • Juan Bellicks

    Good Job, Markus!
  • Bob Kawa

    one of your best, so good.
  • Andrew Haines

    thrash nasty said: one of your best, so good.

    Lighting is spot on sir
  • luthfy.prayoga

    oh, i want to have one of those intuos3,sir!
  • markusmanson

    rawkid said: Love the paintery style. And that eye totally looks like a Pokeball at the beginning ha!

    ha! don't see it at all before you said it hahahaha

    Surmise said:
    luthfy.prayoga said: oh, i want to have one of those intuos3,sir!

    is this the program being used? whoa

    nope, the program's MangaStudio, intuos3 is the wacom tablet I'm using
  • markusmanson

    thx for the love, all!
  • Obscure

    nice markus... watched clash of the titans last night and for some reason this reminds me of the film has same kinda vibe:)
  • 1000eyesdesign

    stop ruining your pieces with horrid logos :P
  • ardhajaco

    Batik Madrim said: Good Job, Markus!
  • yoga

    hell yeah!
  • Betraydan

    very cool

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