• Joshua Jordan

  • corefolio

    yoooooooo!!!! first love!!!
  • dunz0

    This is awesome!
  • quakerninja

    yay party
  • pandycane

  • Jake Ward

    quakerninja said: yay party
  • chad manzo

  • drknoche

    congratulations sir!
  • 1000eyesdesign

    chadmanzo said: 500!!!!
  • RustyEight

    @1000eyesdesign said:
    chadmanzo said: 500!!!!
  • TenTimesKarma

    drknoche said: congratulations sir!

    chadmanzo said: 500!!!!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks antzs69!
    Thanks Joshua!
    Thanks Corefolio!
    Thanks Amy!
    Thanks Dunzo!
    Thanks Quaker!
    Thanks Michael!
    Thanks Pandycane!
    Thanks Jake!
    Thanks Chad!
    Thanks Dr Knoche!
    Thanks 1000!
    Thanks Rusty!
    Thanks 10xkarma!
  • DeadRight

    Congrats on #500!

    This is great.
  • cherrypistols

    Yay, 500th its an awesome one aswell ;D
    well done Mr. Greg
  • BCHC

    Looks great!
    500 shirts is no small achievement.
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Moshauno! This works on white too.
    Thanks Michael!
    Thanks Cherry!
    Thanks BCHC!
  • Obscure

    Lovuuuurly as usual:)
  • Andrew Haines

    500! Congrats dude!

    congrats on 500 greg!!!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Blackjonc!
    Thanks Obscure!
    Thanks SlimbayBay!
    Thanks Chazzy!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Amor!
    Thanks cheafy!
  • E+N

    yuhuuu nice mr.greg
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks E+N!
  • NVasion

    love the colors. Great design as always.
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks NVasion!
  • Birdie31

  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Birdie!
    Thanks Leila!
  • Aiden Knowles

    i love this

    it lived up to its hype
    well done man

    this is awesome
  • Tom Neal

    You rule Greg.
  • mumolabs

    uh yeah! cool #500 :D
  • Craig Robson


    go greg!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks Aiden!
    Thanks Tom!
    Thanks mumolabs!
    Thanks eightieshero!
    Haha! Thanks Craig!
  • adfreak

    fuck yeah!!!500!! awesome greg!!! this needs more love!
  • atomicchild

    so awesome man
  • heat.

    500 designs later, always the same thing to say : great!
  • gut42

    heeell yeah! next totd :D
  • sweetsbrutal

  • Dxtr

    nice dude! congrats!!!
  • Greg Abbott

    Thanks adfreak!
    Thanks Jimmy!
    Thanks Fat Mouse! That would be lovely!
    Thanks heat!
    Thanks gut!
    Thanks sweetsbrutal!
    Thanks dxtr!
  • Dschwen


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