yes sir. done for micky mays. accepted.

  • ryanmiller

    bigger mock:

  • derekdeal

    nicely done
  • ryanmiller

    derekdeal said: nicely done

    thank you sir
  • ryanmiller

    drewB said: did you halftone all the pencil, or is it just like that in the large picture?

    yeah, it's all halftones
  • ryanmiller

    alexgoldstein said: When did you do this? Haha.

    haha, just finished it.
  • Geoff May

    a nail in the bat would make it even better
  • chrisrushing

    very nicely done, i love that your work is getting more refined. bravo!
  • ryanmiller

    thanks everybody! i appreciate it
  • NinetyOneDesigns

    this is amazing. I like this the most out of all your designs.
  • ryanmiller

    Kevin Doom said: I want this shirt. Is it for sale anywhere?

    nope, the design's being sold very soon to micky mays. and then i'm not sure where it'll be on sale at... micky's on emptees so maybe he'll post where you'll be able to buy it.
  • Universitee Apparel

    please print this on AA i'll gladly fork out the extra couple dollars to pay for mine
  • andrE w.

    this is gunna look pretty sick on the navy.
  • ryanmiller

    robolove said: I like this :-)

    However you do know all polar bears are left handed?

    no i did not, haha

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