Not finished.. Need critiques/Input..

There`s some text to run along the scroll, but I`m not 100% on it yet..

Was thinking "Old world Style" or "Style is Timeless" to go along with the whole ghost thing..

Any ideas/thoughts/suggestions appreciated..

  • LittleDuck

  • chad manzo

    this is sweet. I dunno what else to say that needs improvement on this as a whole, but yeah the text on the scrolls would cap this off really well.
  • treycook

  • TenTimesKarma

    treytooknotice said: Rules!
  • LittleDuck

    Glad you`re seeing something good in it.

    The text I`ve got in mind.."Old world style" seems a little ..umm.. something..
  • chad manzo

    LittleDuck said: Glad you`re seeing something good in it.

    The text I`ve got in mind.."Old world style" seems a little ..umm.. something..

    i get what you mean. i struggle at making witty captions too.
  • Adhesive Hippo

    Very cool, but I'm confused at the blue background swooshes.
  • LittleDuck

    Thanks Chadmanzo. I`m not after something particularly witty even, just something fitting.. I`ve been scribbling lines for too long today I think

    AdhesiveHippo.. Some mystical, magical smoke puffery!
  • LittleDuck

    Distinction is Timeless?
    I`m pushing too hard here aren`t i.. Sleep now.
  • collisiontheory

    Real nice!! From afar it seemed like the blue background is also a part of his face. Maybe clean that up or remove totally? Also, the hat seems a little flat unless that's not finished yet.

    But good job love it!@
  • drknoche

    great job...would loose the blue background totally and place the little opening of the hat slightly to the right
  • 1000eyesdesign

    treytooknotice said: Rules!
  • litoQ

    I'd make the blue flow more like smoke and less like choppy seas. maybe mute the color a bit too? it just stands out far too much to read as smoke IMO. But this is great dude. Nice work.
  • LittleDuck

    Many, many thanks for the suggestions..
    I`m going to rework a couple of different things now.. The text will be a latin phrase (thanks Mj), the background smoke needs something around the head section.

    Might even make the tache a bit different too, longer & curlier perhaps.

    But thanks again everyone, appreciated.
  • WinterArtwork

    Gentleman Ghost?
  • LittleDuck

    I know it`s similar, and it wasn`t intended, which bugs me.
    No bow-tie, no skull clasps, no cape.. it`s the eyepiece & tophat that does it.

    I might need to look at adding something more to break it apart. Maybe the tache & something else will help distinguish it.

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